Outdoor Adventure

Are you one of those adventurous souls who doesn't want to spend their whole vacation in the car? Even if you just want to stretch your legs and breathe a little fresh air, then Pictou is the place for you.With nearby golfing, sailing, hiking, tidal bore rafting, sea kayaking and swimming, there's adventure around every corner.


They say that golf is a game in which you yell "fore"...shoot six and write down five. (Paul Harvey)

Nova Scotia, PEI and New Brunswick offer several of the finest golfing experiences in the world. In fact, the Highlands Links in Cape Breton has been named the #1 golf course in Canada by several Golf Magazines. Whether you are a golf fanatic or just a casual "hacker", you will find dozens of excellent and affordable golf courses within a short drive to satisfy your cravings for the links. More..


If you enjoy sailing, or even think you might like to try sailing, you may want to schedule your trip to include a stay on a Wednesday night when the Pictou Yacht Club invites you to join in their Introduction To Sailing Race Series. No experience is necessary...you just head down to the Pictou Yacht Club and register between 5:30 and 6:00. Race starts at 6:30 and may last several hours. You cannot make advance reservations and there is no charge to participate.

You will be paired with experienced local sailors so be prepared to have your group split up. Make sure to wear sensible shoes and to bring a light jacket...it's always just a little bit cooler on the water.

Tidal Bore Rafting

A Tidal Bore occurs when the water from the incoming tide flows over the outgoing water of a river. The Bay of fundy has the highest tides in the world, and, as a result, produces the highest tidal bores in the world - anywhere from a small ripple to over 10 feet in height, depending on the moon.(The highest bores occur around the full and new moons)

What makes this so exciting is that the tidal bore is followed by rapids of anywhere from 3 to 12 feet. Three tidal bore rafting companies operate on the Shubenacadie (Shoo-bin-AK-a-dee) River, less than two hours from Pictou. Please note that this is not an activity for the faint-at-heart or for those who prefer to remain dry!

Shubenacadie River Adventure Tours

Shubenacadie River Adventures

Tidal Bore Rafting Park



Whether you're looking for a short, after dinner stroll or a full day hike in the wilderness, Nova Scotia is full of walking opportunities.

Jitney Trail

Located on Pictou's waterfront to Browns Point, this 3 km trail is flat, partially paved, along waterfront and is lit for evening walks. Suitable for walking, cycling, cross-county skiing, running and wheelchairs. Accessible from Caladh Ave., near the Hector Heritage Quay Visitor's Marina, and Browns Point Rd. off Haliburton Rd. Park along road. The Jitney Trail is named for the noisy diesel electric train that carried passengers and freight from 1890 - 1960 along this route.

Short Line Trail

Located at Browns Point to Scotsburn, this 12.7 km recreational trail is made of compacted surface suitable for cycling, walking, running, snowmobiling, skiing and ATVs. Accessible from Browns Point, Blackie Road in Lyons Brook off Route 376 and Scotsburn, behind fire hall. This line provided a faster route for westbound Pictou County Coal than the mainline via Truro. Quarried stone from Wallace and salt from Canadas first salt mine in Malagash were shipped along this line. Freight traffic declined through the 1970's and was abandoned in 1985.

Fitzpatrick Mountain Trail

Located at Scotsburn to Millsville, this eight km trail is challenging narrow woodland hiking trail has steep sections and occasional wet sections. Sturdy footwear recommended. Suitable for hiking, skilled mountain bikers, and trail runners. Accessible at Scotsburn behind recreation grounds at route 256, and from Millsville, less than one-half km along Elmfield Rd. from the Herman Church Cairn at the intersection of Millsville and Elmfield Roads. This trail was developed entirely by the Pictou County Trails Association, with the cooperation of the landowners along the route.

Click here for more information on hiking trails throughout Nova Scotia

Anchors Above Zipline Adventures

New to the Zipline Adventure sport in general? No problem! Here’s the scoop: Anchor’s Above Zipline Adventures boasts two ziplines. Leaving the parking lot and ticket booth, you will hike to the first platform where trained staff will get you into your safety gear (all providedby AAZA). Once safely equipped you will be hooked to the 1,100 ft awe inspiring monster line 240 ft above the ground that drops nearly six stories to the second line that is 900 ft long and 190ft off the ground. This line drops nearly 10 stories returning you safely to the parking lot/ticket booth where you started. All in all, this adventure packs quite the bang for your buck!
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